Dana & the Tree of Life

Dana & the Tree of Life

Sharon sent an update yesterday, which I have not read yet but I am sure it is full of exciting stuff!!

I (Becky) made friends with a girl named Dana (pictured above) today. I found out she is an orphan. We worked on some puzzles together during rest time. She has an intellectual disability, which is unknown to us. But I sat down and tried to talk but she was focused on her puzzle. Anytime I would try and talk she would redirect the conversation back to the puzzle. I finally realized that sitting, being there with her is what she needed more than anything else. I pray that she has classmates who are her friends who watch over her. Dana is 16, meaning she will graduate next year. Chances are with her deafness and intellectual disability she won’t have a job, or a family to live with.

There are almost a hundred of apple trees on our campgrounds that now have ripe wild apples falling off them at a quick rate. They hit the tops of the building and it sounds like a gun firing. Last night while Daniel and I were praying one hit the gazebo we were under. I stopped for a second and God gave me a word, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. I began to say it out loud but stopped myself because of the negativity that tends to associate with that idiom. Stopping again, I waited. After a second, I realized what God was trying to tell me. It’s not a negative thing at all. When apples fall off the tree they lay the seeds for the next generation. Here, We were teaching that God is our Father, regardless if we have one on earth. God is our tree and we are the apples. As the apples, that make us a part of God, so when we fall off we lay the seeds to unknown ground. In Moldova, we are a part of God, laying seeds into lives that don’t know He is. Coming from God, reaping seeds, we want to make sure that we, the apple “doesn’t fall far from the tree” of life.



Learning Flexibility

(A day

(A day behind)

It was not the normal second day, with only half the team here, the Okie’s and Moldovan leaders headed to camp around 3:30pm. This is the first time we have been to this camp and it’s really nice! All the cabins are in a half circle around the chapel area. There is a large field for sports, as well as a large cafeteria with space to feed us and a separate room for crafts! We will definitely fit the 100 we are expecting tomorrow! It is clean, with a friendly staff. We were told that 24 camps have already been shut down this summer alone due to not meeting regulation, so we are going to do our best to keep it clean so when the inspector comes we will have nothing to worry about! There is a pool- that is already filled with water- hooray! All the Americans are in one cabin with two rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and 2 meeting rooms! What a treat! With 36 suitcases in all, it actually worked out that 4 suitcases showed up every 4 hours so we had time to finish the four and organize before the next batch came in (because of the Texan’s flight delays). We organized and reorganized… God is good. All of us pitched in and got it done. Some of us had never met each other except via video meetings, so it was nice to get to meet everyone in person. The Americans who had been traveling for 2 days were such good sports! Came in with smiles on their faces and ready to work! Even at midnight! We truly have a great team! While we were doing that the Vladik and Natasha were working with the leaders, re-teaching the Bible stories that will be taught this week, as well as working on skits for the evening worship time. We cannot speak highly enough of them! They are a blessed group of God-fearing, children leading, hard working group of young adults.

Thirty-six bags and nine hours later… all are unpacked and we just about in bed. Tomorrow the kids arrive and we are all looking forward to seeing their beautiful faces!

 -Moldovan Team

One Body, Many Parts

Well, we made it to Chisinau! We did it in 24 hours too, which is saying a lot in our travel time in the past. As you may already know, half of the team is a day behind Daniel, Linsay, Audrey and myself because of flight delays, but that isn’t going to stop us from pushing on in their absence. Upon arrival, Vitaly, Natasha, Peter and Vladik greeted us. Peter is an old friend of mine who was our interpreter in 2007. I was so delighted to see him! We loaded up 16 bags and squeezed into a taxi headed for Hotel Vilalris. It’s not to bad a hotel! We have a bed and hot water, seems to be all we need after a long trip!

Once washed and rested, we walked to Andy’s Pizza. There are multiple ones across this small metro. It is definitely the place to be. We ordered three pizzas: bologna with corn and green pepper, chicken with mushrooms and ranch and chicken with mushrooms and red peppers (hoping I remember right). After a short time of fellowship with Natasha and Vitally, showing Natasha how to download apps on her new iPhone (which an anonymous person from the states donated to her- THANK YOU) the leaders began to arrive. I have a temptation to call some of them kids, but they are growing up! They are our leaders, God’s leaders! What a joy to give each of them a hug, remember to hug on the left instead of right, a kiss on both cheeks and an extra second of not letting them go.

As you can see in the picture most were able to come to our first meeting! From left to right: Daniel, Audrey, Linsay, Natasha, Catalina, Catea, Maria, Ana, Ilian, Igor, Ivan, Valentin, Gorge, Irene, Natasha (with baby Sophia), Sasha and me.

Once all were greeted and acquainted, Vladik and Daniel began the leadership training. We used Paul’s description in Romans 12:4-8 of the church being one body with many parts.  As a human body we have arms, toes, head, feet, a heart, etc, which makes up our body. Without all those parts we would be nothing. Each part has a talent that it can contribute to the whole. It’s the same way with the church body; it has many members. Some of us are leaders, while others of us are followers. Some of us have the gift of serving physically while others can give financially. Some work really well with the young kids, while others may be better working with older kids!  As far as camp goes, we encouraged the leaders to look for their gifts throughout the week! Search for what God has given them the ability TO do regardless of their Deafness. There are girls who work with sewing machines all day so we know they are good with their hands and are creative, who will be a great help with crafts! Other boys who are strong are going to be great assets with it comes to moving 36 bags on and off the bus, up and down the stairs multiple times! Some are prone to the dramatics and will be great storytellers for the skits! You may not see some of your gifts as important, but God wants to use you little steps at a time! He didn’t make David king right away. David was a young boy, who was called by God. He used his gift of playing the harp to first serve, and then served as an armor bearer. After that he continued to trust in God, using his gifts to defeat a giant. Little steps, with big faith of what God had in store for him until he became king and thereafter! This is what he can do with all of us! You never know what little talent you have God is going to use for something BIG!

Camp 2013 here we come!

-The Moldovan Team


Moldova bound!

Moldova bound!

To many people packing can be a hassle, but to me it’s a science. While trying to pack 4 bags to 50 lbs I can’t say there wasn’t some stress when we realized we didn’t have enough space. On United, you get one bag free and the 2nd is $100 IF it’s under 50 lbs. So you see the importance, and the stress when they were just 2-3 lbs too heavy. With that said, we left the house this morning at 7:15 praying for the best and having trust God is gonna make it work for us. When we got to the airport, we took the luggage to the scale and 3 were, like we thought, 2-3 lbs heavier that required. We shifted stuff around. Stuffed more and more to our carry-ons (which will probably break our back), took a deep breath and went to check in. The lady at the desk was very helpful and she seemed like the kind who was understanding. Bag 1: 49.5 lbs. YAY! Feeling confident! Bag 2: 52 lbs. Well… the first woman asked us to repack but we were not satisfied with that so we waited for another woman to come by and she smiled and took it. Sweet! Bag 3: 51.5 lbs. She took it. Bag 4: 52 lbs. SHE TOOK IT! We could not believe it! What a blessing! God knows what he is doing and has a plan for everything that in our suitcase or else it would not be on the trolly on the way to the plane! We are looking forward to hearing the same reports from out team in OKC and San Antonio when we meet up with them in DC. Thanks for your prayers. Bye for now!

Ps 91:11 “He will send his angels concerning you to guide you in all your ways”

-the woodalls

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Good morning friends and family!

We are looking forward to our trip again this year to Moldova! We are expecting 100 kids! God is good! There will be 11 American’s traveling; 7 from San Antonio and 4 from Oklahoma. I was finally able to recruit some from up here! We fly out Tuesday June 25th at 11:04am. Once we get there we will have 2 days of preparation with the Moldovan leaders, then10 spirit filled days of camp! Everyone will fly back on July 8th except for Daniel and I.   We will be staying to do more work in other cities in the region. We will be traveling to Kiev, Ukraine; L’viv, Ukraine, and Sophia, Bulgaria to work with various missionaries.

How does our communication with you work? We will be sending email updates daily, which you will receive from my mom, jawolff@corelogic.com. You are welcome to respond to email, or send any encouragement directly to her which she will forward on to me OR you can email me directly at bwoodallterp@gmail.com. We can receive text messages as well, just won’t be able to respond ( 214 499 5671).  Please do not CALL this number while we are out of the states, TEXT only.

Here are some prayer needs before leaving:

1. Safe travels/on time departures to make future flights (we have 3 flight legs)

2. Property safe while we are gone

3. Peace for all our families, knowing we are in God’s hands doing His work!

4. Luggage to weigh less than 50 lbs each

5. Luggage to arrive

6. Good health

We cannot thank you enough for your financial and spiritual support! We know the power of prayer when we all come together for one cause, so thank you!

James 5:16 says “…the earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”

Be blessed,

Daniel and Becky Woodall and the Moldovan team