Moldova bound!

Moldova bound!

To many people packing can be a hassle, but to me it’s a science. While trying to pack 4 bags to 50 lbs I can’t say there wasn’t some stress when we realized we didn’t have enough space. On United, you get one bag free and the 2nd is $100 IF it’s under 50 lbs. So you see the importance, and the stress when they were just 2-3 lbs too heavy. With that said, we left the house this morning at 7:15 praying for the best and having trust God is gonna make it work for us. When we got to the airport, we took the luggage to the scale and 3 were, like we thought, 2-3 lbs heavier that required. We shifted stuff around. Stuffed more and more to our carry-ons (which will probably break our back), took a deep breath and went to check in. The lady at the desk was very helpful and she seemed like the kind who was understanding. Bag 1: 49.5 lbs. YAY! Feeling confident! Bag 2: 52 lbs. Well… the first woman asked us to repack but we were not satisfied with that so we waited for another woman to come by and she smiled and took it. Sweet! Bag 3: 51.5 lbs. She took it. Bag 4: 52 lbs. SHE TOOK IT! We could not believe it! What a blessing! God knows what he is doing and has a plan for everything that in our suitcase or else it would not be on the trolly on the way to the plane! We are looking forward to hearing the same reports from out team in OKC and San Antonio when we meet up with them in DC. Thanks for your prayers. Bye for now!

Ps 91:11 “He will send his angels concerning you to guide you in all your ways”

-the woodalls


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