One Body, Many Parts

Well, we made it to Chisinau! We did it in 24 hours too, which is saying a lot in our travel time in the past. As you may already know, half of the team is a day behind Daniel, Linsay, Audrey and myself because of flight delays, but that isn’t going to stop us from pushing on in their absence. Upon arrival, Vitaly, Natasha, Peter and Vladik greeted us. Peter is an old friend of mine who was our interpreter in 2007. I was so delighted to see him! We loaded up 16 bags and squeezed into a taxi headed for Hotel Vilalris. It’s not to bad a hotel! We have a bed and hot water, seems to be all we need after a long trip!

Once washed and rested, we walked to Andy’s Pizza. There are multiple ones across this small metro. It is definitely the place to be. We ordered three pizzas: bologna with corn and green pepper, chicken with mushrooms and ranch and chicken with mushrooms and red peppers (hoping I remember right). After a short time of fellowship with Natasha and Vitally, showing Natasha how to download apps on her new iPhone (which an anonymous person from the states donated to her- THANK YOU) the leaders began to arrive. I have a temptation to call some of them kids, but they are growing up! They are our leaders, God’s leaders! What a joy to give each of them a hug, remember to hug on the left instead of right, a kiss on both cheeks and an extra second of not letting them go.

As you can see in the picture most were able to come to our first meeting! From left to right: Daniel, Audrey, Linsay, Natasha, Catalina, Catea, Maria, Ana, Ilian, Igor, Ivan, Valentin, Gorge, Irene, Natasha (with baby Sophia), Sasha and me.

Once all were greeted and acquainted, Vladik and Daniel began the leadership training. We used Paul’s description in Romans 12:4-8 of the church being one body with many parts.  As a human body we have arms, toes, head, feet, a heart, etc, which makes up our body. Without all those parts we would be nothing. Each part has a talent that it can contribute to the whole. It’s the same way with the church body; it has many members. Some of us are leaders, while others of us are followers. Some of us have the gift of serving physically while others can give financially. Some work really well with the young kids, while others may be better working with older kids!  As far as camp goes, we encouraged the leaders to look for their gifts throughout the week! Search for what God has given them the ability TO do regardless of their Deafness. There are girls who work with sewing machines all day so we know they are good with their hands and are creative, who will be a great help with crafts! Other boys who are strong are going to be great assets with it comes to moving 36 bags on and off the bus, up and down the stairs multiple times! Some are prone to the dramatics and will be great storytellers for the skits! You may not see some of your gifts as important, but God wants to use you little steps at a time! He didn’t make David king right away. David was a young boy, who was called by God. He used his gift of playing the harp to first serve, and then served as an armor bearer. After that he continued to trust in God, using his gifts to defeat a giant. Little steps, with big faith of what God had in store for him until he became king and thereafter! This is what he can do with all of us! You never know what little talent you have God is going to use for something BIG!

Camp 2013 here we come!

-The Moldovan Team



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