Learning Flexibility

(A day

(A day behind)

It was not the normal second day, with only half the team here, the Okie’s and Moldovan leaders headed to camp around 3:30pm. This is the first time we have been to this camp and it’s really nice! All the cabins are in a half circle around the chapel area. There is a large field for sports, as well as a large cafeteria with space to feed us and a separate room for crafts! We will definitely fit the 100 we are expecting tomorrow! It is clean, with a friendly staff. We were told that 24 camps have already been shut down this summer alone due to not meeting regulation, so we are going to do our best to keep it clean so when the inspector comes we will have nothing to worry about! There is a pool- that is already filled with water- hooray! All the Americans are in one cabin with two rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and 2 meeting rooms! What a treat! With 36 suitcases in all, it actually worked out that 4 suitcases showed up every 4 hours so we had time to finish the four and organize before the next batch came in (because of the Texan’s flight delays). We organized and reorganized… God is good. All of us pitched in and got it done. Some of us had never met each other except via video meetings, so it was nice to get to meet everyone in person. The Americans who had been traveling for 2 days were such good sports! Came in with smiles on their faces and ready to work! Even at midnight! We truly have a great team! While we were doing that the Vladik and Natasha were working with the leaders, re-teaching the Bible stories that will be taught this week, as well as working on skits for the evening worship time. We cannot speak highly enough of them! They are a blessed group of God-fearing, children leading, hard working group of young adults.

Thirty-six bags and nine hours later… all are unpacked and we just about in bed. Tomorrow the kids arrive and we are all looking forward to seeing their beautiful faces!

 -Moldovan Team


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