Dana & the Tree of Life

Dana & the Tree of Life

Sharon sent an update yesterday, which I have not read yet but I am sure it is full of exciting stuff!!

I (Becky) made friends with a girl named Dana (pictured above) today. I found out she is an orphan. We worked on some puzzles together during rest time. She has an intellectual disability, which is unknown to us. But I sat down and tried to talk but she was focused on her puzzle. Anytime I would try and talk she would redirect the conversation back to the puzzle. I finally realized that sitting, being there with her is what she needed more than anything else. I pray that she has classmates who are her friends who watch over her. Dana is 16, meaning she will graduate next year. Chances are with her deafness and intellectual disability she won’t have a job, or a family to live with.

There are almost a hundred of apple trees on our campgrounds that now have ripe wild apples falling off them at a quick rate. They hit the tops of the building and it sounds like a gun firing. Last night while Daniel and I were praying one hit the gazebo we were under. I stopped for a second and God gave me a word, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. I began to say it out loud but stopped myself because of the negativity that tends to associate with that idiom. Stopping again, I waited. After a second, I realized what God was trying to tell me. It’s not a negative thing at all. When apples fall off the tree they lay the seeds for the next generation. Here, We were teaching that God is our Father, regardless if we have one on earth. God is our tree and we are the apples. As the apples, that make us a part of God, so when we fall off we lay the seeds to unknown ground. In Moldova, we are a part of God, laying seeds into lives that don’t know He is. Coming from God, reaping seeds, we want to make sure that we, the apple “doesn’t fall far from the tree” of life.



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