Day 4


Today (Monday) began like we ended yesterday–pouring down rain. Yes there are those things that fall from the sky that make you wet. Texans are loving it…its cooled off some and really damp. Our Bible verse this morning Ps 34:3-4  from Sasha’s devotion talked of being joyful in good weather and bad. That just because its cloudy or rainy our faces and attitude reflect the joy of the Lord.


The kids are doing great–its a hoot watching little huddles of them running through the rain with plastic tablecloths over their heads.One group had a rectangular tablecloth and made like a train down the sidewalk–fun!


Yesterday (Sunday) was a tremendous day as Nastasha and her Bible team worked on the memory verse Jeremiah 33:3. I stopped by and practiced with them learning it in Russian signs. Last night we awarded the teams that had all learned their verses with tootsie roll pops. They have passport books that they write their verses in so they can take them home from camp and remember what they’ve learned.


Linsay, Audrey, Justin and Patty worked feverishly during crafts helping the kids mix clay to make handprints. I love the Deaf kids, they are so creative. Given some materials they begin to branch out in to some great ideas. They began to make crosses, hearts, roses, and all kinds of plaques to take home. 


Vladik’s focus was helping the kids understand their emotions and what they mean. This is difficult for Deaf people to express because its such an abstract concept, but once its explained it makes their life so much easier to share their feelings. Many of these kids are abused, without a ‘voice’ to share their pain. This gives them the ability to explain to others and others to help them heal. We ache when we see some of these kids that cannot be rescued from family situations because there is no advocacy for these kids in Moldova.


The rain started during morning rotations and the mad dashes began. For the afternoon we canceled swim time and moved indoors. The difference in Moldovan kids and American  kids made the crafts of paperbag lions,coloring  velvet crosses, and making faces on popsicle sticks a treat. They throughlyl enjoyed the simple task of using markers and crayons to make what we would think were simple crafts. They turned them into works of art and pride. Thank you again for little things like markers, crayons and paper bags.


Chapel was all inclusive. The Americans did a funny skit, just to show we’re regular peopel too. A group of the kids led in singing, Natasha had a Bible verse game, Sasha preached, and Ivan–dear Ivan presented a skit with his friends then preached us a little sermon. Ivan started with us in 2009 as a little hyper kid. Now we call him the “little general–he can handle anything. I arrived yesterday for morning devotions with the leaders and he had the whole room set up for us. He can organized groups into action, run errands in lightening time, and the best skill is his ability to lead kids in understand Christ and His message to us. He even started a Bible Study at his school. I have fallen in love with one kid, Ghenadii. He looks a little effeminate and the kids tease him saying he is gay. Ivan has stood beside him as his friend and helped as Ghenadii perseveres through these teen years. What a great pair!

Please pray for thids and the leaders’ health  during this time of rain. The kids don’t have sweaters, only sandals and nothing to protect them from the rain. Pray also as they learn more and more about Christ and His love for them.  We have over 50 kids now and many 1st timers. What a great opportunity!   Floating along in Moldova,

And the floods came……it has rained all day–finally breaking this afternoon so we could play our group competition game. Its great to see the kids begin to come together in spirit to support and love each other–teammanship does that. WE have so many new kids that we are all getting acquainted. 

I (Sharon) want to give the rest of the team a chance to share their thoughts on what all is happening at camp…. 

It has been a great day. Daniel,Justin, Linsay and Becky have hit the sack. The kids took time this afternoon to write Thank you notes to the Americans. They got your letters and pictures and were thrilled to think someone in American took the time to think about them! They asked again and again if the letters would fly to America! Your love and faithfulness is bearing a multitude of fruit I’m so privileged to be a apart of God’s great ministry to these kids. I hope you feel the love that is being sent to you–because you have sent so much of Christ’s love here.


Please pray for Natasha and Vitaly, our hearing Moldovan organizers. They coordinate all the logistics of moving people and reserving camp etc. They come every year with their family–which has grown from 1 to 3 children over the past 6 years! Two of their children have been sick already this week–pray for Laura’s fever to break and for her to get better. Pray for Vitaly’s car which is their only and our main source of transportation. Their repairman has been defrauding them over the past several months; taking their money and not doing the needed repairs or doing them poorly.


Blessing to you all




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