Our Calling


(From Becky)

God has already made it very apparent that my role at camp this year is different from years before. You may or may not know that Daniel and I have been praying about the possibility of moving here in the future. God has not shown us when that will be. It could be one year or five years from now, but one thing we know is the calling is clear. In the past I have had responsibilities that caused me to have tons of one on one time with the kids. This year, I am Sharon’s assistant and I have been responsible for helping with background work. Things like the budget, setting conflicts, preparing group games, making signs, room checks, making sure all is in order, interpreting the RSL and various other things. Sharon is a Godly leader! I have been blessed to have her as my mentor since I was seven years old and more closely as my leader for past seven. She makes it look so easy! At first I was feeling guilty for not having as much interaction with the kids, feeling like I didn’t have strong connections like I did in the past. Then God reminded me it’s all in his plan. There are things I have to learn if Daniel and I ever wanted to direct camp. We have been able to have discussions and brainstorm ideas for the future. We are looking forward to sharing that with you once we hear exactly what it is from God we will be doing!


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