Day 5 of camp!

Daily Morning Activites




(Today)  Day 5 Tues 2Jul13  – Daily Memory Verse – Jer 29:11; Bible Story – Parable – Sower and Seeds Matt 13:1-23; Craft – chia plants; Games – 3 in 1 relay, elephant




(Tommorrow) Day 6 Wed 3Jul13 – Daily Memory Verse – Mark 2:10; Bible Story – Jesus Sees Friends Help Man Thru Roof Luke 5:17-26; Craft – tie dye shirts; Games – jungle pong, circle balloon



Jim encourages everyone to memorize the daily bible verses and read these “Parables and Stories of Life of Jesus” daily along with the kids in Moldova.  You are never too old to “hear the old, old stories of Jesus and His Love”




Hooray for SUNSHINE!!! It was a gorgeous spring day in Texas–oops its summer in Moldova…..high today @ 75. It was cool enough this morning I even joined the kids in their morning exercise routines. Clear skies and a perfect day for camp.



Natasha (deaf) is leading the competition for memory verses. Yesterday 3 teams won–today only one team. When you have to say them all at once it gets harder. But the kids are really trying. Her emphasis today was on the seeds sown by the wayside. 



Patty, Justin, Linsay and Audrey got all tangled up trying to show the kids how to weave a basket. This goes back to feeding the 5000 but also ties into the sower. They were gorgeous and the kids did much better than we did trying to make a prototype. In fact this afternoon when it was too cold to go swimming finishing baskets was the backup plan.


Daniel and Hahn, put the kids through their paces during team games. Unfortunately Hahn encountered some peanut butter at breakfast that upset his allergy and he spent the morning in bed after taking benedryl (don’t worry Jana) but by lunch was 100%. I thought he just didn’t want to eat the bread with mayo and little salted fishes (one of the all time favorites for the kids but not so for the USA team) for breakfast.



My personal favorite



Vladik made a startling discovery in during his Christian Life classes. He was going to teach on how God orders the Universe and how vast his power is. Sadly he discovered that kids had no idea about the sun being the center of our solar system, what/where the planets are and how we relate with the rest of the galaxies. (Note:  Political Annoucement, italics JJ)  The Moldovan Deaf schools are so far behind in teaching and he feels it is a major flaw in Deaf Rights to an equal education. No wonder they have trouble getting a job and continuing their education. Compared to the hearing schools (in Moldova) and then American deaf schools these kids are not even in the same educational realm as most of the world.  (end of Political Announcement; back to reality of camp)  Nap time was well used for the Americans–they have worked hard and were zonked out til it was time to get back in and show love to the devalued of this society.



Hahn came through with Safari Olympics this afternoon, pitting the teams against each other in leap frog, bean bag toss, balloon gymnastics etc. WE all had al fun time.




Evening Worship and Fellowship




After dinner it was chapel time. Things ran a little long and it got a ‘little’ cold. We decided to move into the cafeteria after snack for Vladik’s sermon. The lost sheep came through when he compared it to a lost camper. I am amazed at the attention span of these kids when its been such a long day. They are having a ball and learning so much.



Thank you again for being on our team.  Please pray for Deaf Natasha’s baby, Sofia. She had a fever of @102 at dinner. With some medicine we are praying for her to get well fast.  Pray for more great weather–this is awesome!   Blessings on you all for the blessings you have brought to camp.




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