No Selfless Good Deed

‘Friends’ was one of my favorite TV shows growing up. If you ever watched it, try and recall the episode where Phoebe goes around trying to find one selfless good deed. One of my jobs at camp is to pass out clothing to those children who are in need. I cannot tell you the gratitude I feel when they receive a brand new skirt, shirt, pants or even socks. They joy on their faces is something I cannot describe. The reason I tell you this is because of your financial support and prayers you have been able to make that happen. I want YOU to feel the gratitude as well. I found out that one of the boys, Petru, had a house fire and they lost everything down to their pigs. Many of the clothing he has been able to get from other places have been more women’s style clothing and the other kids tease him. Thank you for giving him 2 new shirts and 3 shorts, he was ecstatic! He wore with them with pride the rest of the day! It feels so good to see some of the clothing that were given out in past years still worn. It shows how much it means to them, it also shows the need that is still present in their lives. As Americans, we need to learn the value of necessity. So many times it is about what I want, and not about what is needed. We buy clothes and never wear them. We give them clothes and they may wear it everything other day for 3 years.

So in the end, Phoebe found that there was no way for a person to do a selfless good deed. So, thank you, thank you for all your support. I know that I am the one receiving the ‘thank you’s’ from the kids, but you are the ones who helped make it happen. Praise God and find joy in the gratitude it gives you.


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