The days are flying by! Day 6 update

Meet your Missionary

As we pass the half-way mark (over the hump you might say) for this year, let me say God provides .. period, no questions asked …  Do you now what a CODA (or KODA) is all about?    Stands for Kids of Deaf Adults (KODA).  BTW, In the deaf world, CODA is not a derogotory term.   But what does that really mean?  Many hearing children are asked to be interpreters for their parents because of the way society treats deaf (see Sharon commentary last update);  can you imagine the embarrassment of the parent (or child) when going to the doctor?  Wow, think about that.  Now, for the really God part of their lives;  I personally know three CODAs who are taking that experience and sharing God’s love all over the world

Daniel Woodall (2012, 2013) – son of deaf parents;  CODA professional interpreter;  Mr Athlete, all-time muscle man, good friend;  second time to Moldova;  took my advice last year at camp (very interesting discussions) to marry that girl; husband of the former Becky Poehling;  great recruiter with Becky of the Oklahome connection;  turned his life over to God and it shows …  

Hahn Bielfieldt (2013) – son of John and Jana Bilfieldt of  (previous San Antonio) and Houston;  CODA;  high school graduate, track star, 2nd Place in the Mr Athelete competition at camp;  on his first of many overseas mission trip to share Christ with the deaf  …

Justin Cage (2013) –  son of John and Susan Cage of San Antonio; high school senior, CODA, John (father) was at the first camp in 2007 (I remember John asking 6 years ago if Justin could come in 2007, kinda laugh about that now);  makes me joyful to see generational involement …


Reminder in Case You Forgot – Camp Schedule

0730          – Leader Devotion (Sharon, Becky, Daniel, Patty, Lindsay, Audrey, Justin, Hahn, & Moldovan Leaders)

0800-0900 – Wakeup & Exercise; Clean Rooms

0900-0930 – Breakfast (little fish on mayo/bread)

0930-1230 – Team Rotation (Bible, Crafts, Games, Christian Life)

1300-1500 – Lunch; Rest (especially for the USA team)

1500-1800 – Crafts; Pool (Girls, Boys); Team Sports

1800-1830 – showers; dinner

2000-2100 – worship (Vladik, Natasha, Sharon, Daniel, Becky)

2100-2200 – snacks; prep for lights out

2200          – lights out

2230          – Leaders Team Planning Meeting (Vladik & Sharon

(Today) Day 6 – Daily Memory Verse – Mark 2:10; Bible Story – Jesus Sees Friends Help Man Thru Roof Luke 5:17-26; Craft – tie dye shirts; Games – jungle pong, circle balloon


(Tomorrow) Day 7 – Daily Memory Verse – Ps 119:105; Bible Story – Jesus Walks on Water Matt 14:22-34; Craft – flip flops; Games – parachute toss


Sharon writes:


Wonderful Wednesday in Way out Moldova

Still enjoying the cool weather here–kids aren’t as excited since they can’t swim  😮  But I have loved the day.


The Bible Study was the story of the friends lowering their crippled friend through the roof to see Jesus.
As the kids stood around, a group of 4 brought their friend via an unfolded chair through the crowd to Jesus. Two of the leader “ladies”  stood by to gossip about the man only for Jesus to explain that his faith will heal him–and he did..joyously jumping away with his ‘chair’.  I am continuously amazed at how creative these kids can be with so little materials.  Would we let our kids be carried around on a flat folded chair!!!  great!

It was a hard verse for the kids today Mark 2:10. Only about 1 out of each group mastered memorizing it but they were persisitent.  It was difficult because of the abstractness of the concept (you will have to look it up yourselves because I know that only 1 in 10 of you know this one) That is why the visual illustration brings home the message.   Vladik did a similar thing with cards. The kids built a ‘house of cards’ as an exercise in cooperation and faith. WE have noticed some groups have more ability than others. Pray for the slower groups to understand all that is being taught this  week. The groups were made by just random selections so it is interesting to see the variations. But I believe God has a purpose for everything.

It was T-Shirt day–yep tie dye excitement! Because we have noticed that so many of the children have so few clothes we make it an annual crafts to bring shirts for them to decorate and have a change of clothes. They are thrilled to create something that is uniquely theirs and to havae something new to wear! Thank you for making this possible.

Highlight of the Day


The highlight of my day was leading one of our young men to Christ. I believe I talked about Ghenadii yesterday. Today Vladik and I talked with him privately to share how wonderfully God made him. That he is especially made as man and God has a great plan for his life. He shared about his feelings at school and how he wants to have a relationship with God. After telling him that God waits for his decision to accept the gift of Christ, Ghenadii said he wanted to pray right then and have Christ in his heart. He did and when we shared that we are now brothers and sisters in Christ and God is our Father, he was elated. We presented him before the group tonight in chapel. The kids went wild with his testimony and Praise God for a young man who know he is created by God for good things.

 As always I am impressed with Vladik’s ability to relate spiritual concepts to the kids. Tonight he preached on ‘God in a Box’. God was in his suitcase and Vladik enacted how we ignore God’s direction and go and do what WE want. HOw we only visit God when we need something. He expounded on how that relationship is not what God wants and how we need to be in one on one with God everyday in everything in our lives. Point made!
Please pray for one girl who heard at our 9 p.m. snack time that her Mother was staying in Russia and would not be returning this summer–leaving the girl alone til school starts. She was so sad –its heartbreaking how these kids are left as 2nd hand people.

Prayer Needs – Pray for her to have the joy of Jesus, the protection of the Father, peace that passes understanding, and safety as she is alone for the summer.  As we get close to the end the Gospel becomes more relevant to the kids and the time of commitment and growth weighs heavily on our hearts. Please join us in praying for the power of the Holy Spirit to fill this camp and save the lost ones –lost and Deaf is a sad place to be.
A BIG CUDOS to our Moldova team–the Americans are blessed by their leadership, servants’ hearts, and ability to handle so much.  Also remember to pray for Justin–he ended up in poison oak, chasing a ball … we doused him with Calamine lotion and he’s good. He shared his testimony of coming to Christ after a period of rebellion. His realization of his need for Jesus and a relation ship with Him was exactly what the kids can relate to.  Wonderful for a kid barely 18! 

Thinking of each of you, but not missing the Texas weather 😉



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