The Boxeneanu Family


We would like to recognize the family who is the biggest blessing we could ask for while we are in Moldova. Vitaly and Natasha Boxeneanu, along with their children Laura, Arthur and Evelyn. They help us throughout the year by going to the Deaf schools, recruiting kids for camp and buying supplies that we need. They also help facilitate ongoing Bible studies that Natalia has with the youth leaders and so much more behind the scenes ministry that we are unaware of. Once we Americans are here, they take care of all the logistics by picking us up from the airport, arranging taxis, interpreting, bringing their entire apartment to camp and giving up their lives for 13 days to help us make camp successful. If they were not there, there is no way it would go as smoothly as it does. Vitaly is a man of God. He serves with everything he has and is the most selfless man we have ever seen. He takes care of all the things that make camp what it is. Natasha serves relentlessly, making crafts, helping with bible studies, and organizing our lives –all while taking care of 3 kids. What a woman! They are a beautiful couple and a Godly example of true love. Their work is their ministry. After the American team left they have been taking Daniel and I around Chisinau seeing different sights and spending quality time with us. They are trying every year to come to America and waiting on God to open up that opportunity for them! We look forward to the next few days being blessed and being in touch all year planning for camp! (We love you guys!!!)

Have a blessed day everyone, find someone you can encourage and DO IT.

-The Woodalls


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