Traveling to Ukraine

How the other half travels

Good morning world!
Daniel and I are on a train to Kiev, Ukraine! The total ride is 16 hours and with only 2 hours left I wish we could say we slept most of it. These trains are old Soviet trains that haven’t been modified since the 60’s (Daniel is guessing based on the fixtures). Rooms sleep four people, bunk bed style. When sitting down the space is so small your knees touch each other. I think it may even be smaller than a prison cell. No AC, no restaurant or modern bathroom. The windows only come down from the top, just barley enough to stick your head through. As you can see it is quite the experience for us who have ever taken Amtrak. Last summer, we experienced the train but in very different circumstances compared to this year. We feel that we are spoiled because it just so happens that we are the only two in our room! As the train made stops throughout the night we prayer that we would be able to keep the room to ourselves! So far, we have been! What a blessing. In Chisinau we bought a chicken, ham, bread, cheese, cucumber salad and vegetables to eat for dinner and lunch. Once on the train we realized we forgot utensils. So eating with our hands was our next best bet! We kept ourselves cool by sitting on the top bunk up against the window and put our feet out. to be cooled down by the breeze We also have two small fans to blow on us while we slept. We crossed the boarder from Moldova to Ukraine at about 5:00am. The train had to stop on both sides of the line to check passports and luggage in our room. We showed our passports to at least 4 people and maybe 10 came by at different times to check on varies other things. We made it through with no problem, thank goodness, and didn’t even have to get out of bed ☺ It is getting warmer as the sun comes up, Daniel is back asleep and I am looking forward to our three days to spend together in Kiev as an extended honeymoon before going to L’viv to continue God’s work for us this summer with the Blessing’s. If you ever get the chance to come to Eastern Europe, I would definitely recommend experiencing the train! You can see how the other half lives and cherish what we have in America even more.
God bless you! See you in Kiev!



One thought on “Traveling to Ukraine

  1. Anna S. says:

    Interesting to read! Thank you for sharing your thought on traveling by train.
    You will have be 4 in your room going to Lviv – it’s going to be even more fun)))

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