English Club

Good morning America! Happy Thursday!

Yesterday, the Blessing’s dropped us off in the center to spend the afternoon together. We went to the pizza place we ate last year to reminisce on how far a year has taken us! After some delicious pizza and conversation we walked over to the open market looking for an artist we bought two floral paintings from last year. With no luck, we began asking people if they knew where he was. The only thing we had was a description of what he looked like and where he was sitting a year ago.  Finally, someone was sure they knew who we were looking for and pointed us in the direction of another market. About 15 minutes later, we arrived to find that the only thing sold was books… maybe out Ukrainian isn’t as good as we thought it was J We figured maybe it isn’t meant to be that we buy paintings this year and God has us saving our money for something else.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with Lindsay and Krista to go to an English Club they host. They gave us the privilege of being their guest speakers! All meetings begin with an icebreaker, some kind of ‘getting to know you’ game. So we paired up and wrote 10 things that were the same and 10 things that were different from our partner. My partner’s name was Elena. She wrote English very well! I was impressed! When the game was over, Daniel and I began teaching them about Deaf culture in America. The discussion started with what our ministry is in Moldova, what kinds of jobs we have in America, what kinds of jobs Deaf have, the difference in sign languages and other varies topics. It was a foreign thought to them that there was so much awareness on Deafness in America or even worldwide. It was great to watch their faces as they began to understand what Deafness really is. After some discussion, we played a few games with them that used no words and showed them a song in sign language, “Way Down Deep”. It is mostly uses gestures, which allowed them to have open discussion about what it meant. It also is a Christian song so it allowed us to discuss God as well. The goal of the meeting is to have them use their English, so discussion is important but somewhat hard to get out of them! They were a bit nervous. The Blessing’s have a great ministry with the English Club! It is bringing in people aged 13-50+. We pray God’s blessing over it!

In all, it was a great experience and gave Daniel and I some practice on teamwork! When we left Daniel said to me, “We are like a married team.” I responded, “Well, yes, I guess we are!”

We only have a few more days here in L’viv and they will be working along side with the Blessings helping them with whatever they need done! Love you all, have a blessed day!


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