Why doesn’t America support their Deaf Olympians?

I don’t know how many of you know, or if it is to any importance to you but America is one of three countries out of the 100 countries represented here who do NOT support/sponsor their Deaf Olympians. The other two are Great Britain and Canada. Help me understand this… The three countries who are the pioneers for disability equality rights, who all the other countries look up to and strive to become cannot show any support for their own. When millions of dollars are put out every 4 years for the abled bodies Olympics and special Olympics, the Deaf get out on a back burner. It’s not that Deaflympics are in it’s early stages. It’s been around since 1924! All 126 Olympians are having to raise support for themselves to come. Not a penny from any US sponsorship from government or endorsements.

Why is this important to blog about? are most of you involved in the Deaf community like we are on a daily basis?? I don’t know. Awareness I guess. The games are so awesome to be a part of. Seeing the Deaf come together with other Deaf is a beautiful thing. Some of these athletes never have the chance to communicate with other people due to ignorance or lack of importance their culture has placed on Deafness. Here, they can communicate with everyone! Those who don’t sign are weird, abnormal, disabled and unimportant. Being Deaf means beauty, importance, accessibility, normality and gives a sense of identity.

For all you severely hearing out there, keep your hearts and eyes open. There will always be more to see than to hear.




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