“On the first day…”

“On the first day(s) He [rested]”… thats what the Bible says right? 🙂

Dobre den friends! There is not a lot to post since we have been taking a short 3-day sabbatical due to schedule, weather and jet-lag.

The day we arrived (Thursday) the World Race team of 15 were leaving after a 30-day stay in the Blessing’s home. We were able to have a short fellowship with them at a pizzeria and have a prayer send off. That evening and the following day was filled with recouping and getting the house back in order! Daniel helped take bunk beds down, put our bed together and some quick ‘man-ly’ jobs around the house. I did a little cooking… if you consider watching eggs boil in water and then cut when finished cooking! Lindsay, the middle daughter and Krista, the youngest, are phenomenal cooks! The next evening Daniel and I prepared a meal, so I can see us taking turns over the following months. Hopefully I will learn a thing or two!

This morning at church we received a warm welcome from everyone! Many familiar faces from last year. We look forward to serving their young adults. There will be a meeting weekly and we will all go camping at the end of June!

Looking forward to jumping into ministry this week. Thank you for all your prayers. We feel so safe here. A man stopped Mark (Father of the house) and asked the reason we are here, he explained, the man’s reply (paraphrased), “Ukraine needs people like them, who are still willing to come here in a time like this.” That is not to lift us up, but to give you encouragement that we are welcome here, it gives the people hope. Don’t stop praying for the situation in Ukraine.

Here is a sweet video from the church.


3 thoughts on ““On the first day…”

  1. jan says:

    Thanks for the the sweet video…good to hear mark and rhonda’s voices , becky and daniels faces, and encouraging words. Praying for family, friends, church, orphanages, community and country. love you guys…

  2. Sharon Nodine says:

    Thank you for teh update. The video I played twice and both times it was about Jim Beam…hmmmm Praying for you all.
    Sharon N

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