What are we doing in Ukraine?


When God called us to Ukraine this summer we were not sure on what He had in mind for us to do while there. After talking with the Blessing’s over the last year, a good list of ministries was complied which included weekly visits to an orphanage, leading the young adult ministry, odd jobs around Bethel House and a few others. Daniel and I prayed about it and decided to come with no expectations. God has given us different kinds of gifts and didn’t want to limit ourselves.  We continue to pray and believe that we are simply “Here to Serve”, meaning whatever it is the Blessing’s need of us, we will do. That is the only way to define it.

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In the last 7 days, we have visited an orphanage, worked in the garden, began and completed varies jobs around Bethel House, yard work and lead the first meeting of the young adults in their church (which was a great success) The garden is something so new to me in particular! Each person who owns a plot of land for your home, also gets a gardening plot! We worked out there for about 2 hours, hoeing and pulling up weeds after 5 days of rain! Lots of ants, which is the only thing that isn’t fun about it 🙂


As an extension of their home, Bethel House, is in its final stages of being completed. It will be used a conference center once completed. Today we worked specifically on priming walls, floor trimming and yard work. Daniel spent a lot of time out there weed-eating and making the yard look beautiful all around the house and outside their fence!! I mowed the grass.  A much bigger yard than at home! (Mom you should be proud) Thankfully the temperature is still low, about 75 degrees.


Last night we discussed a few other ministries we will begin while here including reaching out to the young married couples in the church and an English Club for adults (using the Bible). Our plate is full, but keeps things entertaining! Praying God will use us to our full potential!


Image                          Image

Many people are still concerned about our safety here. We feel incredibly safe. There is a big misunderstanding due to what the media shows in the states, and even here in Ukraine. In L’viv, we are hundreds of miles away from any opposition. Here, there are no riots, no discrimination against language use (Ukrainian or Russian), waving Ukrainian flags, wearing Ukrainian colors, no protests. Mom you’re not going to like this, but Daniel and I spent the day in the center yesterday on our own and it was full of tourists and citizens who are not afraid to love their country out-loud!  We will continue to be watchful of the east, but at this point we are in no immediate danger.



Much love, thewoodalls


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