What have we been doing here??

Good morning family and friends!! The weeks are flying by! We now only have 2 weeks until we make our way to Moldova for camp! We wanted to send you some images from the work we accomplished here this summer. Besides the things shown below we have had the opportunity, as you’ve read from past posts to lead the youth Thursday night meetings, weekly orphanage visit, yard and garden work. Daniel’s ministry has been mostly completing the home on the 3rd floor. The rest of our time here he will be making furniture pieces. My ministry has been making art pieces for the house in both Ukrainian and English. I have enjoyed being able to write on the walls! By the end of the summer I will complete almost, if not more than, 25 pieces plus wall writing.





And to think that I only misspelled 4 words! All were fixable, thank the Lord!







Below are various projects Daniel has completed, including a shelf for the pantry, a chest, a platform, laminate flooring, trim and thresholds in a den, 3 bedrooms, 2 closets and hallway, put a mirror up in a bathroom, organizaed the garage and outside storage unit. (He obviously sweat more than I did, smile) We both helped paint a bedroom and closet and put up 2 shelves in a storage closet.








20140714-111557-40557895.jpg          20140714-111552-40552798.jpg


20140714-111557-40557156.jpg          20140714-111558-40558733.jpg



Looking forward to our last 2 weeks here and finishing up these projects. Thanks for all your prayers, we feel them!





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