Water Baptism!

Below are pictures from Saturday’s water baptism. It was the perfect day! The members of the church were picked up by a van and we drove out an hour outside L’viv to a lake. There we had a picnic, worshipped and witnessed the baptism. What is cool about doing here, is there were many people there just to swim and enjoy their day. Many were watching and listening to Mark speak. It was a great thing for them to witness as well. It could be the thing that changes their lives, you never know! Six in total were baptized, all proclaiming Jesus as Lord of their lives.

Scroll down through the pictures. I didn’t take the time to organize or make them pretty. I think the meaning behind them makes the beauty. Buried with Christ and raised to live a new creation! (Romans 6:11-13)

1545774_502357213242883_4757932725824352034_n 10301211_502357579909513_1416432684145218884_n 10342836_502357073242897_2685372189150407958_n 10351254_502357386576199_1037199580207320469_n 10353025_502357509909520_9141549863190167171_n 10363945_502357603242844_1418653994213731758_n 10387419_502357143242890_3708835585908843875_n 10400763_502357416576196_6520041374333526613_n 10409614_502357013242903_2716963201200198733_n 10432113_502357339909537_746064677991913001_n 10435616_502357106576227_5024354775456957046_n 10478190_502356973242907_8612879763450970526_n 10488121_502357049909566_5550218231902131475_n 10494673_502357673242837_3660031447864970118_n 10501941_502357273242877_2281550311531946477_n 10502237_502357183242886_3482378540163268857_n 10525890_502357439909527_9167662249800349065_n 10526099_502357313242873_4928595413408487084_n 10532457_502356933242911_3610338210633942146_n 10537313_502357716576166_5537947844738171216_n 10553633_502357643242840_5296326527330668742_n 10556457_502357246576213_3443259345010584320_n 10568966_502357466576191_5907206526575263658_n




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