Saying “pаpа” (Goodbye)

Sunday we shared our last couple hours with the people we grew close to this summer. Saying папа [papa] is never an easy thing for me. I am my mothers daughter and cry on whim! No matter how hard I try to hold it in, the first one drops and from there it is an unstoppable flood.

As a missionary, you meet people that you could potentially never meet again. You invest in lives that you may never see fully develop. You create friendships that Facebook can’t replace. You see God work in your own life and hope that the busyness of home life doesn’t dissipate. These are the things that make it hard to say папа.

Living in Ukraine has been an eye opening experience for both of us. We have learned many lessons, good and bad. If you ask us individually you may get different answers, but mostly the same. God has worked in and through both of us, teaching us through His spirit what he wanted us to learn. Most of what we learned is related to how to be missionaries and how to live under authority. The Word teaches about respecting our earthly authority, while remembering who our final authority is, knowing HE is the one we will have to answer to.

I thank God for these last 2 days here, and look back with happiness. The joy of The Lord has been our strength and we look forward to carrying this happiness with all the things we learned to Moldova! God has a lot in store there and can’t wait to share everything with you! To GOD be the glory for all accomplished. Amen.

We fly out Thursday 7:00am-1:50pm (8 hrs ahead of CST). Thanks in advance for all your prayers!



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