Final Countdown

Flying to Moldova today, I can’t help but remember 2 years ago, Daniel and I flying from L’viv to America planning our life together. We had fallen in love in L’viv and couldn’t wait to get our life started. Time stood still. That 9 hour plane ride could have been 20 hours and I wouldn’t have known the difference. It’s amazing where 2 years can take you. Before you start to question, yes, I am still madly in love with the man who stole my heart in L’viv. More so today than in 2012. But, Instead of flying away planning our life, we are flying into fulfilling the calling on our life.

Nothing is better than knowing that you’re walking in God’s plan. Being camp directors is a privilege God has entrusted to us that is not taken lightly. Last summer when the ranks were passed down there was no question in our hearts. It was clear God was bringing us into a new authority, all we needed was the faith behind it.

After twelve months of planning, 3 craft fairs, continuous prayer, 3 Wine and Palette fundraisers, countless hours creating custom art/wood work, Skype calls, Facebook posts, Hobby Lobby runs, paper work, 18 suitcases, e-mails, training a team of 9, spreading the word about what God is doing, literally any way we can; the time has finally come.

God gave us an extra dose of strength to make it through the tough moments. An extra amount of wisdom when planning and sufficient grace when we failed to hear what He was saying.  Twelve months packed into 14 [full] days of reaching the least of these. Putting on a camp that we feel is God’s design. He knows best how to reach the children and as we listen, He will continue to provide the strength, wisdom and grace He has so graciously provided all along.

I want to thank each of you who has been a part of the planning, giving and spirit behind Moldova Deaf Camp 2014! Be praying and expecting. Many praise reports coming your way, we give God the glory for each one in advance!

The American names you can be praying over are: Patty Cruthirds, Linsay Wise, Rachel Hollis, Christian Woodall, Hahn Bielfeldt, Shaquille Lee and Joseph Webster. They arrive Tuesday about 7am CST

So how does Daniel and I falling in love relevant to this letter?? It’s not directly, but a good love story is always worth writing about. Smile.


In L’viv, 2012

from 2012

from 2012




2 thoughts on “Final Countdown

  1. Wolff, Jan says:

    ☺ LOVE STORY for you and Daniel and for the love that each of you will be providing to each of the children who are able to attend camp as well as the camp leaders there and the workers at the camp – PRAYING for ALL

    T. Jan Wolff
    Software Technical Mgr, Sr
    Tax/AMPS – Business Intelligence
    CoreLogic, Inc.
    1 CoreLogic Drive
    Westlake, TX 76262
    Toll Free: 1.800.229.8426 Ext. 4573
    Direct: 817.699.4573

  2. Sherill Archer says:

    I will be thinking of all of you in my prayer!!! I’m so exciting for those lil ones will get to know JESUS in their deaf sign language!!!

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