Giving the invitation to camp!Today was full of so many memories, but I will just share a few! Even on a few hours of sleep, I was able to make it through 🙂 We started off the morning traveling to the village near our camp, Hirbovat. One of the Deaf schools is located there, only about 50 children attend. Vladik and I gave a short presentation about camp and passed out invitations!

Vladik passing them out

It was a surprise for the kids when I arrived! It was such a blessing to see their smiling faces. It helped me realize how much of an impact we have on their lives. The director allowed us to stay an extra hour than planned. Yes we kept them from school, but being able to fellowship was something much-needed from all of us! Here are some pictures from outside the school, beautiful weather!!!

DSC_0797After leaving the school, we traveled to a home that Sharon Johnson is praying about purchasing that could one day be a transition home for Deaf children once they graduate. Even crazier, is that it could be a part of our ministry one day. We prayed for the family living there as they are trying to sell it to people who want to purchase it for ministry purposes.

DSC_0794This evening, Vladik and I took an exciting adventure on the Moldovan public transportation. Never a dull moment. We went shortly to watch a Deaf volleyball tournament. Then met with an American Deaf man, Doug, working for the American embassy and his interpreter, Jeff. We enjoyed a traditional Moldovan dinner (yum, yum) and learned about their purpose working here and how we can collaborate with the government, possibly. [God willing I may have talked myself into a job!]


It was a great day! I am looking forward to visiting another school tomorrow and meeting with leaders individually. God is good and he is paving the way! Thank you for your continued prayers.

The whole group

The whole group



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