Non-Profit in Moldova

Dobre Ootra [Good morning],

A few days late to share, but we did make it to Moldova on time and with all our luggage! We were greeted with open arms from Vladik, Natasha and Vitaly. The 24-flight schedule can take a toll on your body, but as soon as we landed we both got this extra boost of energy. We used that to push through fellowship over dinner. The delicious food definitely helped our cause.

We couldn’t be happier with our 500 sq/ft, 1 bedroom, 7th floor flat! It is rented through Airbnb [which we highly recommend when traveling]. Living much more simply than in American puts life into perspective. We are truly blessed with what we have. This summer will teach us to be happy with less.

“Rebecca, you don’t let any dust settle under your feet do you?”

It’s inevitable that every conversation I have with my grandpa this statement is made. I always laugh, but it is true! First plan of action is to get a Moldovan non-profit set up. So, yesterday we had our first un-official board meeting to begin the process! We elected board members and created bylaws to present to a lawyer today. We are hopeful that this process can be completed before we leave.

The non-profit will be called The Woodall Foundation and is completely separate from what we have set up in the states. Once finalized it will allow us to open a bank account under that name, get government assistance with funding the camp, be supported by the government, etc. The mission is the same as in the states, to empower the Deaf community in Moldova, through Jesus Christ, love and education. Vladik explained the foundation like a tree that has many roots. Those ‘roots’ include deaf camp, a transition home, ministry, deaf events and many more.

Many of you have donated to the Deaf camp, and we will be honest with your gifts and use them for that purpose. But we do have 2 needs related to getting the non-profit on it’s feet. One, is to pay the lawyer for his work $55; Two, fee to register the non profit with the government $70 (assuming rate doesn’t change).

Please be in prayer with us about having these needs met. If you would like to donate you can do so online via PayPal using or if you would rather pay by check send to Jan Wolff, 6004 Pinnacle Crl, Little Elm, TX 75068, ATTN: Becky Woodall made out to The Woodall Foundation.

We thank you for all your love and support for what God is doing! Keep in touch!

The Woodall Foundation: Moldova Board Members

The Woodall Foundation: Moldova Board Members



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