Various Ministries

IMG_7388It has been a few days since we sent an update! Moldova has kept us busy! The Lord has opened up door after door for ministry. We are serving in ways we never even considered! But one by one, God has opened the doors and provided for all we need.

The last I wrote you, we were asking for prayer for various needs. One of our desires was to minister for the very young Deaf. Up  on arrival were still unsure how we would make it happen. The first door to open was the number for the Deaf preschool in a city 2 hours away. The first time we called the director, she wanted nothing to do with us. After praying for wisdom, we called with a different approach. Long story short, they welcomed us with open arms! We played, sang, danced, and chalked for 2 hoIMG_4573urs. The facility is beautiful! The director takes good care of the children and you truly cares for their future. It is everything you would imagine for a preschool in the states. Which blows our mind, because the Deaf schools are the opposite. At the preschool, the teachers knew sign, every item was labeled clearly, it was clean and a friendly environment! I am so impressed and cannot wait to go back this week again! There are 32 students in all, age 3-7. At 7, they move to the Deaf schools. We were thinking of a way we could bless them, even when we are not there all year. Many of their windows are broken, so we began praying about replacing 1-2 windows for them. Three days later, without asking anyone, an AmIMG_4572erican family donated and said we could use it for any purpose! It is enough to replace one window! We will give them the good news this week. God is good, he cares about the young.IMG_7380

“No I will not abandon you as orphans, I will come to you.” John 14:18

Another door God opened was reaching the Deaf who are poor and elderly. After contacting the Deaf agency and telling them them what our desire was, they gave us names and addresses of those in need, but with caution that it may not be well accepted. Regardless, it is what we felt God was leading us to do. IMG_4620We decided to use $100, to bless 5 families with a weeks worth of food. The other families on the list we would go to their homes and see what help was needed. It was a door to door adventure as we drove all around the city in hopes that someone would be home! Our first try, failed. No answer. The second home, we struggled to get in the building, but finally there was an answer. It was a couple married 54 years, the wife bedridden and husband who does all he can to take great care of her. You could see how much he loved her, spent all his time meeting her needs, while neglecting his own, like cleaning the house, cooking and other things. There was a great need to fix IMG_4617varies things in their home, help the woman etc. We promised to come back in 2 days. They were grateful for the food, and locked it up in a private cabinet so their daughter’s boyfriend wouldn’t steal it [very sad, side story].  Friday, with cleaning supplies in hand, a group of us cleaned their home top to bottom! Daniel fixed some broken furniture and doors. Natasha and helped wash the woman’s feet, change her clothes and bed sheets. She had not sat up in months. We were determined. As soon as she sat up, with joy she reached for husband with an joyful embrace. I spent time talking with her. She kept calling me ‘mama’. It was very sweet. Later we brought groceries to a woman who is partially blind, no job, with a hearing son who is trying to provide for the both of them. We will be reaching out to the other 3 families this week as well as others to do whatever errands need to be done! God is good, he loves the old.

“Love each other…” John 14:34

The meetings with the pastors of the Deaf churches went well. We are hopeful the cooperation between the two will one day be successful. One step at a time.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. If you feel led to give towards any of the ministries, let me know.

Poor/Elderly: Our desire is to provide food for 5 families once a month at $20/family.

Preschool: Windows start at $100 each or any amount for us to bring cookies and juice and gas to send Deaf adults once we are gone to go and spend time with the kids.

Summer Deaf Youth Camp: $120/person for 10 days.

Prayer needs: An orphan, 6 years old, is in need of a family to live with for the summer.

IMG_4622-the woodalls


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