A Time to Celebrate

There are always reasons to celebrate! Here in Moldova, even in the hardest of times for most people there is room for celebration! Vladik and Adriana are two of our Deaf vladleaders and have been apart of the camps since it’s very beginning! Last night Vladik asked Adrianna [after 2 years of dating] to be his bride! The plot thickens… he found out this week he won a green card to move to the United States! So, not only was he asking for her hand in marriage but to also take a leap of faith and make a great move! She said, “DA!” [‘yes’ in Romanian] Her reaction was priceless. She was quite overwhelmed. Wouldn’t you be? Everything you thought your life would be is now completely changed in a matter of one question! Praise God for provision. He loves and treasures those who follow after him! We are so happy for you both and look forward to spending time with you stateside in a year! Good news is, they will be allowed to come back and forth for camps every year and to be apart of The Woodall Foundation ministry. Prayers are needed for new leaders to come forth and take their place in areas of church leadership, ministry, etc.

More reasons to celebrate! Daniel will be the first to tell you that the last thing he everIMG_4895 wanted to do was be a pastor. So much so, that he made it clear to God one night while praying years ago. It’s funny how God’s plans always trump our own. We don’t always see whats best for ourselves. God sees the whole picture! Daniel bravely got up in front of a Deaf congregation and gave his first sermon in ASL. [Thank you Vladik for interpreting to RSL]. He spoke on our identity in Christ. How to defeat the enemy with the Word and encouraged a group of young people to rise up and spend time with God daily to make a change in their community. He did it with God’s authority and I couldn’t be more proud!

This week we visited 2 elderly couples. Both homes, the woman were bedridden due to stroke and the other has bad arthritis. Good news is that the only true need they had was food. Both couples are clean and taken care of. One prayer need.. we are waiting to hear back from one couple whose husband went to court on Thursday. Based on what the judge decides the husband could be sent to jail, leaving his bedridden wife all alone. I do believe in justice and fairness in the law, but I also believe in mercy in a situation where she would have no one to take care of her, the government would do nothing to intercede and have no other option.

Lastly, the Americans arrived today!! Whooray! With no luggage, but it was expected because they didn’t have a lay over longer than 30 minutes either time. Hopeful the luggage will arrive tomorrow! Until then, we will all sleep cozily together in our small flat til Sunday! Camp is in 2 days!! WHOO HOO! We have children signing up daily!!!


1. Children’s transportation to camp Monday, leader’s transportation to camp Sunday

2. All the other needs listed above in the blog

If you would like to give towards any of our ministries you can do so at http://www.deafmoldovafoundation.org a little bit goes a long way!!!



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