Moldova Deaf Camp First couple days

IMG_4987IMG_5319Camp has begun! The first two days have already flown by! Total we have 88 people, plus 3-6 more who will come later this week. The numbers each year grow and grow. Majority of the children are 15 and younger. So the dynamic is different than in the past. This group is sweet as can be. So far, the children have learned about Adam and Eve. Each color group is responsible for creating a skit to show the Bible story that they perform in front of the whole group in the evenings [You can see from the pictures]. Angel, a Deaf Moldovan, will be teaching the older kids, while Adriana and Maria teach the younger kids IMG_5108separately. Today they will be learning about Joseph and how he kept his hope throughout all the trials of his life and how God lifted him up because he never lost that hope!

Natasha is in charge of crafts. The children did their own designs on a tshirt. They had fun with it! Hahn and Shaq, along with 2 Moldovan leaders played games in the morning. The weather is in the 80’s so it’s not too hot, meaning more of the kids are wanting to play!  In the afternoon kids swam, did more crafts, and kept themselves entertained with cards, puzzles, balls and more. Looking forward to using the zip line soon!

We have one little boy name Catalin, he is 6 and an orphan. From a gypsy family, whoIMG_5290 gave up their rights to him, he has the mind of a 2-3 year old. We wouldn’t normally let a child that young come to camp, but due to his situation, we knew he needed to be here. Right now he has no permanent home. He is going between teachers at the Deaf school until they find somewhere for him. We would so love to adopt him, but he has a hearing sister, and adopting in Moldova is an incredibly difficult process.  Daniel has been ‘daddy’ to him, taking him under his wing for the week. He needs attention and love. The amount of energy this boy has is beyond anything I’ve ever seen 🙂 Please IMG_5340pray for a good family for him. A family of believers who can train him and teach him the right way!

God is awesome. Our leaders are awesome. Weather is awesome. We have everything we need. Awesome. Awesome. Thank you for your prayers.

– themoldovanteam IMG_5416


One thought on “Moldova Deaf Camp First couple days

  1. jan says:

    Love to see all of these pictures… reconnecting , loving, sharing, team-work, God in motion – how can it be any less than AWESOME.

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