A few days later

“We have this hope as an anchor for my soul…” Hebrews 6:19

DSC_0513Here we are, half way through camp! I won’t lie and say we aren’t all tired, but as leaders, we have been praying for energy, patience and anything else the Lord can give us to get us through to the end strong! We seriously have an amazing group of kids. All of them are obedient, respectful, participate and are full of joy. It is unlike any other group I have seen in the last 8 years. The weather has been in the 80’s, making it ideal for outdoor games. The pool is just cold enough to have a love/hate relationship with it. We have changed up theDSC_0518 schedule than usual and allowed more free time. This gives the children opportunity to work on skits that relate to the Bible lesson they learned in the morning. It also gives more time for fellowship with each other.

DSC_0580Natasha has the kids making canvas’ with an anchor made with glue and paint and today a picture frame that the kids will get to put a photo of the whole group to take home and remember. Games outside are a BLAST. The kids have 2-3 rotations of different games. It keeps them busy and interested, meaning more kids play instead of sitting out. Yesterday Angel taught on Moses and today the leapers that Jesus healed. They do a great job reenacting the Bible stories. I love to see their creativeness. We all have blast doing Zumba in the mornings!DSC_0751

A boy named Gregory accepted Christ 2 nights ago! He was outside with Daniel and one other leader, Michael, and he began to talking about not wanting to sin anymore and believing in Jesus. After some conversation and prayer, Gregory gave his life to Jesus, asked him to forgive his sins. Tears swelled his eyes as he felt the burdens lift off of him. It was beautiful. THAT is the reason why we are here! Sometimes it is hard, as an American coming here because we cannot speak the language fluently. Daniel and I are pretty fluent, but when it comes to the deep conversations on their level, we can only go so DSC_0717far. But to see that all the work we put into to get to that point where he said, “Yes” to Jesus, makes it all worth it.

WHILE I was writing this, another boy, Sorin, accepted Christ!! AMEN!     DSC_0678 DSC_0641DSC_0762 DSC_0766 DSC_0841 DSC_0858 DSC_0913DSC_0386_2

There is a little boy here named Catalin. We have seen him change dramatically in just 5 days. All due to a little attention, discipline and love. He is an orphan, 6 years old and has the mind of a 2-3 year old, due to lack of teaching and interaction. The first day we couldn’t keep him from hitting, spitting, throwing, stealing, climbing.. (you name it) with anything. Daniel took him under his wing and he has been his shadow. We has begun to sign with us [the teachers said he doesn’t understand or know signs]. He isn’t running away, stealing or being disrespectful. Yesterday, when he hit Natasha, Daniel played Dad and gave him what looked like his first lesson in discipline. Bless his heart, DSC_0362_2it took different tactics and about 30 minutes and lots of crying but he apologized to Natasha. As soon as he did, he looked at Daniel, grabbed him around the neck and kissed him. It is amazing what just a little love can do for someone who seems impossible. Please pray there will be someone who can love him and discipline him the way he needs it. I wish it could be us, but it doesn’t look possible at this time.

God is good. Thanks for your prayers. Be blessed today!DSC_0996DSC_0018


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