‘Paka’ Moldova [for now]

Dobre den!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and I have found it hard to sit down and write to you in depth. I currently am on my first of two legs home! I know I say it every time, but it is bitter-sweet. Saying goodbye to friends is never an easy thing.

The flood gates didn’t open until we began take-off. Maybe it’s the sleeplessness, missing my better half or the music I had in my ears, but I think it was my heart aching for the Deaf in Moldova. I want to do more. I desire to fix it all, but of course I cannot do that.

A mountain must be moved for the Deaf community to see equality. For Deaf children to be educated by people who use their language, to have interpreters provided for higher education and to allow Deaf to have access to ANY information they want, to change the mind set of culture who sees them an disabled and dumb… The good news is that my God CAN move mountains!!

He is using the hearts of Vladik, Vitaly and Natasha to stir up a change in people. Little by little, but it’s a movement beginning. It’s not acceptable anymore, and I believe God’s plan is being fulfilled. More resources have become available and awareness is getting out.

“Be still and know that I am God…” -Psalm 46:10

I was able to sit in on a meeting between the president of the Deaf agency and a representative of the U.S. Embassy discussing the needs and problems happening between the agency and government [Props to Vladik for interpreting between ASL and RSL for 2 hours]. What an opportunity to be present among the discussion of change. I was able to put my two cents in here and there, but mostly observing and praying. I know that the time is coming that Daniel and I will move to Moldova and be a part of this change. Even if it is simply through our Deaf camps. To be a light in the government and deaf agency. To let them know that their kids are taken care of in the summer times.

“…I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth.” – Psalm 46:10

We were able to go to the land we feel God is leading us to purchase. I will send a final blog with some pictures and video. It’s a GOD-SIZE dream. Those are the best though. It’s no longer, “if” but rather, “when” [Take a breath, mom]

I give God all the glory for the doors opened and shut. He only does good things and I look forward to all the good He has for our life in Moldova and the people’s there. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Like I said, I will send out a final blog with information about the land and letting you know I made it back in one piece. God bless you all!

[Ps. Congratulations to my beautiful cousin and almost husband, as they celebrate their wedding day with the family! Miss you all, sorry I couldn’t make it!!]



Yesterday, Natalia, who is Deaf, Sofia, Vladik, Natasha, Vitally and myself traveled 3 hours in the snow to Cahul. It is far south, a border town to Romania. By the time we got there the snow had turned to rain. Still a beautiful drive. Car rides in Moldova are on the top 5 of my list of scariest things I have experienced. Thankfully, I had conversation to keep my eyes occupied, other than the roads!

In Cahul, we met at a married couples home who both work at the Deaf school and have been leaders at the camp in the past. I haven’t seen them in 2 years, plus they have a new baby, so it was great visit! Also there were 2 Deaf leaders, Ivan and Maria. We fellowship with a traditional lunch, tea and memories. Times like these are precious. These people are precious. Being surrounded by like-minded Christian people always lead to positive, encouraging conversations. I was sad to leave, but we had a meeting in Chisinau with potential leaders, so it had to come to an end.

Once in Chisinau, Natasha and Vitally dropped the three of us off at a church for the meeting. There were 10 who came, and multiple who committed to being leaders. The rest are waiting to hear from their work if they can get off for 10-12 days. Vladik and I were talking and we may have more leaders than ever. So many have children as well.. we will have camp and day care 🙂

I would like to as for prayer for Maria. She is a deaf woman, 21, who was working here in Chisinau, when at some point she was unable to keep the job and find another one. She was forced to move back to a village further south than Cahul, isolated at home with no one who signs. She isn’t able to go to church either since there is no interpreter and all are orthodox. She is normally high spirited and happy, but while we were with her she seemed down and discouraged, if you can only imagine. So please lift her up.

God is so good. He is flaming the fire in my heart for this country and these people. “By God’s grace and mighty power, I have been given the privilege of serving Him by spreading the Good news.” [Eph. 3:7] It’s late here, so I apologize if anything was unclear… Goodnight world!

Leaders in Chisinau

Leaders in Chisinau

Chisinau- Day 2


Today was much slower pace and I got a full night’s rest! Soon after waking up, Vladik was here and just after him came Natalia and her daughter Sofia. Natalia has been a part of the Deaf camp since the beginning in 2007. She is amazing with the children, a heart after God and a calling to teach! We spent 4 hours discussing camp leaders, Bible lessons, verses and other plans for camp. Natalia is a vital part of the leadership and we are blessed to have her work with us every year.

Another thing we spent a great deal discussing, and something you can be praying about is that there are two Deaf churches in Chisinau and we use leaders from both churches. However, the church that Natalia attends gives them an awful time about attending the camp. Without going into a lot of detail, there is a lot of ‘religion’ happening and no ‘freedom in Christ’. She feels like she is between a rock and a hard place. Please pray to change the heart of their pastor, to not give all those who want to volunteer at the camp a difficult time. I know it seems very vague, but I want to still be respectful, just know there NEEDS to be prayer there.

Our plan was to go to the Chisinau Deaf school this afternoon, but Vladik spoke with his mother who works there and she suggested it was not in our best interest. She mentioned it to the director who said she would not accept us, regardless if we were to come to talk about camp, or simply to visit. She knows we are Christians and will not accept us there. We will find another way to pass out the invitations to the kids. Sad we couldn’t see them!

Tomorrow we will journey to a far- far away land, Cahul. This is where the director did not accept us last year and refused some of the children the ability to go to camp. Vladik and I will go to the school (without Natasha and Vitaly, since director knows them) and hope she does not remember me and allow me in! We shall see, please be in prayer about this!

“It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.” [Even to Moldova] – Isaiah 55:11


The three boys are orphans in Hirbovit



Giving the invitation to camp!Today was full of so many memories, but I will just share a few! Even on a few hours of sleep, I was able to make it through 🙂 We started off the morning traveling to the village near our camp, Hirbovat. One of the Deaf schools is located there, only about 50 children attend. Vladik and I gave a short presentation about camp and passed out invitations!

Vladik passing them out

It was a surprise for the kids when I arrived! It was such a blessing to see their smiling faces. It helped me realize how much of an impact we have on their lives. The director allowed us to stay an extra hour than planned. Yes we kept them from school, but being able to fellowship was something much-needed from all of us! Here are some pictures from outside the school, beautiful weather!!!

DSC_0797After leaving the school, we traveled to a home that Sharon Johnson is praying about purchasing that could one day be a transition home for Deaf children once they graduate. Even crazier, is that it could be a part of our ministry one day. We prayed for the family living there as they are trying to sell it to people who want to purchase it for ministry purposes.

DSC_0794This evening, Vladik and I took an exciting adventure on the Moldovan public transportation. Never a dull moment. We went shortly to watch a Deaf volleyball tournament. Then met with an American Deaf man, Doug, working for the American embassy and his interpreter, Jeff. We enjoyed a traditional Moldovan dinner (yum, yum) and learned about their purpose working here and how we can collaborate with the government, possibly. [God willing I may have talked myself into a job!]


It was a great day! I am looking forward to visiting another school tomorrow and meeting with leaders individually. God is good and he is paving the way! Thank you for your continued prayers.

The whole group

The whole group


Meeting Strangers

Dorbe Otra [Good morning]

Insomnia /ɪnˈsɒmnɪə/ – the condition in which one is experiencing after being awake and traveling for 36 hours.

Yes, I may have arrived safely in Moldova, but my body clock is still in Oklahoma! I made it with only one luggage missing, which is fine considering it is only camp supplies (and we don’t need those until June). Hopeful, it will arrive today. Upon arrival, I met Vitaly and Natasha, our friends and Russian interpreters, with huge smiles! I am blessed to have such servants to work with. They are letting me stay in their home this week, that makes me double blessed.

We went right away to eat! Two Deaf leaders and two campers from last year met us at the restaurant, it was a nice surprise! I could barely keep my signs straight and my eyes open and before long I was way overdue sleep. unfortunately, I was only able to sleep four hours before waking up; and here we are 🙂

One short story: While on the last leg of flights, I was reading my Bible when a man next to me pointed to it and said something in Russian. I answered in Russian telling him I didn’t understand. He then pointed again, with a thumbs up he said in English, “Bible, good man.” I returned the thumbs up and responded in Russian, “Very good”. That opened up a tough exchange of the little English he knew and the little Russian I know. He said, “Isaiah five, four : one, zero”. Then I wrote Psalm 91:11. We both read the verses and shared a smile of encouragement! Thankful to have met a fellow believer! Even though we couldn’t communicate great, we were able to share the Word. His confidence in English grew and he told me, “Christ Jesus, good man. He in my heart. The whole world He made. Very glory, very glory.” Once off the plane, he helped me with my luggage. Before parting ways, we prayed for each other [using Vitaly to interpret]. It was so neat to be ministered to, even in lack of human words… it was the Word that allowed us to understand the purpose of our meeting! Don’t let the lack of words discourage you from speaking to someone about Christ. It didn’t stop my brother in Christ Nicoli!

“Though the mountains be shaken
    and the hills be removed,
yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken
    nor my covenant of peace be removed,”
    says the Lord, who has compassion on you.” Isaiah 54:10

Tomorrow we will go to one of the Deaf schools, please be in prayer with us for safe travels and good roads 🙂

Natasha and Vitaly meet me at the airport!

Natasha and Vitaly meet me at the airport!



Moldova: A 6 Day Adventure

Good Day y’all!

Becky here;

What a great few months it has been since I last wrote to you. First and foremost, praise God for all He is doing for the Deaf in Moldova, not only through our ministry there, but with more awareness and support reaching the community.

As of March 1, The Woodall Foundation, which Daniel and I set up specifically for the Deaf camp and various ministries in Moldova, is a tax-exempt foundation! WHOO! The website will be up with in the week where donations can be made online, you can read about the work of the foundation and keep updated with all of our events! We give God all the glory for this progress!

I will be traveling solo to Moldova, leaving tomorrow morning through March 21 in order to get things prepared for this summer. I will be visiting all 3 Deaf schools, meeting with Moldovan camp leaders individually and as a group, visiting villages to search out a few spots to have 1 to 2-day VBS, explore a few pieces of land to pray over for possible purchasing and enjoy fellowship with my sweet friends!

I will include a list of prayer needs/praise reports at the end of my emails, thank you for all your prayers and support.

Prayer needs:

1. Safety for travel: Flights leave (CST) 7:00am, 5:30pm, 6:00am (March 15).. and I should arrive at 8:15am (March 15) “For I will send my angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” – Ps. 91:11

2. Good Rest: It will be a quick trip so I need all the good rest I can, when I sleep. “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest” Exodus 33:14

3. Communication: Although I consider myself fluent in the conversational Russian Sign Language… there are always moments of unclarity. “Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” Exodus 4:12



** if you want your name removed from the list please email: jawolff@corelogic.com **

Mixed Emotions

Seven years of camps and this was the first I didn’t find myself in a flood of tears as we hugged goodbye to the campers. As we drove away, I questioned myself with mixed emotions. Asking why I wasn’t crying. Insecurities began to race through my mind.

Do I care less now than in the past? Was my connection with the children not as strong as before? Maybe I didn’t do my job as a director well enough. Was this all worth it? Is this really my calling?

The enemy likes to use negative thoughts like these to try and prevent us from seeing all the blessings The Lord is pouring out on us. One thought leads to the next and eventually I found myself thinking about things not related to camp, completely off topic. For 10 minutes I let the enemy win in my heart and mind.

Once we were on the bus and driving away, Daniel began a prayer of thanksgiving with the group and immediately my heart was softened. Then the flood began. As tears rolled down, It hit me that there is power in the name of Jesus and the enemy must flee. The insecurities holding me back were immediately lifted as God wrapped his arms around me.

For me today, it was the satisfaction that I had completed the work God gave me, that it was successful camp, children were saved, I have energy to spare, I slept about 7 hours each night, I have lasting friendships, I served and saw the smiles on the campers faces each day. I left knowing they felt loved for at least 10 days this year.
I couldn’t have seen those things when my mind was fogged with the enemy.

Today was a beautiful reminder that when I start to be hard on myself, all I have to do is say the name of Jesus, and see the change He can make.

I want to encourage you to Lift yourself and lift others up today. Don’t be hard on yourself. Accept a compliment humbly and with gratitude. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, putting yourself down or being negative, ask God to help you shift your focus to the blessings in your life. His name helps us shift that focus.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God loves each of you so much that He sent His Son to save you and give you life eternal. There is no greater gift than his love and the enemy will never be able to take that away from us.